Ventura River: A Special Place

I have so many great feelings growing up along the Ventura River, skinny dipping on a warm summer day in the Shell swimming hole (west of Shell Road), fishing for steelhead trout in the upper reaches of the river.  Wildflower viewing in the grassy meadows below the Oak View segment of the river. Birdwatching at the Ventura River Estuary (where the river meets the Pacific Ocean) I still get an overwhelming feeling when I stand on the hill just above the newly acquired Steelhead Preserve (the former Hollingsworth Ranch) and take in the view of the Ventura River watershed, all the way up to Pine Mountain in the highcountry.  The Ventura River offers a great natural experience, yet so close to urban creas such as the Ojai Valley communities and the City of Ventura..    Lets work together to preserve and enjoy this wonderful place.  Jim Hines