This document library contains a historical record of information related to the Ventura River watershed, including newspaper articles, policy statements, minutes and other data. The issues facing the Ventura River watershed have deep historical roots. Moreover, the issues often re-present themselves in the face of development and competing interests.

The documents in this library are organized by category. Also found here, the Friends Archive contains documents dating back several decades. The Friends Archive is an ongoing effort to scan and make available online documents that have been stored away in paper format. The library’s documents are also tagged with keywords to aid search results.

Other documents now available on the Santa Barbara Channelkeeper website include the Al Leydecker archives of his 20-plus years of research on the Ventura River & Goleta streams.

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105 Acre Property at Ventura River Mouth Acquisition Study
date: 1979
filetype: PDF
filesize: 5.35 MB
publication/publisher: CA State Coastal Conservancy
Balancing the Benefits, Weighing the Consequences: The Ventura River and the California Coastal Act
date: 1993
filetype: PDF
filesize: 1.48 MB
publication/publisher: ASCE, Coastal Zone Seminar
Botanical Resources at Emma Wood State Beach and the Ventura River Estuary, California
date: 1990
filetype: pdf
filesize: 42.6 MB
publication/publisher: Herbarium, Dept. Biological Sciences, UCSB
Habitat Restoration Opportunities for the Lower Ventura River
date: 2010
filetype: pdf
filesize: 3.94 MB
publication/publisher: Santa Barbara Channelkeeper
Proposals to Acquire RV Park and 105-acre Ventura River Mouth Parcel
coastal-conservancy-rv-park-105-acre property.pdf
date: 1979
filetype: PDF
filesize: 5.36 MB
publication/publisher: Coastal Commission, Coastal Conservancy
Recreational Impacts on Coastal Habitats: Ventura County Fairgrounds, California
date: 1991
filetype: pdf
filesize: 2.2 MB
publication/publisher: California Coastal Commission
Surfers' Point Managed Shoreline Retreat: Project EIR, NOP, Tables & Comments
date: Mar 2003
filetype: pdf
filesize: 336 MB
publication/publisher: City of San Buenaventura
Tidewater Goby (Eucyclogobius newberryi) Management in California Estuaries
date: 1997
filetype: PDF
filesize: 1.8 MB
publication/publisher: California & the World Ocean Conference
Ventura River Delta Marine Algae Collection
date: 2010
filetype: PDF
filesize: 1.73 MB
publication/publisher: The Nature Press (UCSB CCBER)
Ventura River Estuary Enhancement and Management Alternatives
date: 1993
filetype: pdf
filesize: 5.3 MB
publication/publisher: City of Ventura, CA Parks & Coastal Conservancy
Vertebrate Resources at Emma Wood State Beach and the Ventura River Estuary, California
date: Nov 1992
filetype: pdf
filesize: 4.46 MB
publication/publisher: City of Ventura, CA Parks & Coastal Conservancy
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