Ventura River Parkway Brochure

In many communities across the nation, local organizations, groups of citizens, government agencies have worked together to create wonderful public recreational spaces with their rivers as the centerpiece.  These communities have restored their river ecosystems while providing outstanding recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

The Trust for Public Land produced a short brochure to provide a summary overview of the benefits that the Ventura Parkway would bring to our community, as well as examples of other successful parkway implementations in California and in other cities across America.

The Ventura Parkway Vision Plan was created by students at Cal Poly Pomona Studio 606 and funded by the California State Coastal Conservancy and the Trust for Public Land with the goal of providing a vision for reconnecting the residents of Ventura with their river.

The Ventura River Parkway Partners also include:  Patagonia, Inc., Friends of the Ventura River, Santa Barbara ChannelKeeper, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County and California State Parks.

Plan Highlights include:

  • Parks and Open Space:  Conserving suitable areas along the river will provide neighborhoods with new picnic sites, recreational areas, wildlife viewing points, and interpretive exhibits.
  • Public Access:  A contiguous corridor of pedestrian and cycling trails, river crossings and public access points will reconnect people with the river and offer direct connections to city neighborhoods and rural communities.
  • Improved Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat:  By protecting and restoring streambanks, floodplains and other natural areas, the river parkway will improve the quality of water flowing downstream to our beaches and enhance the environment for the birds, fish and animals we all value.

River Parkways,  An Overview:  Benefits to People, Wildlife, Communities, Businesses and Tourism.


River Parkways in California:   Improving Water Quality, restoring Critical Habitat & Creating Recreational Outdoor Space.



River Restoration Across America:  the Transformation of Rivers into Major Assets.


A Legacy of Conservation:  Land, Trails, Habitat & a Roadmap for the Future.


TPL Full Brochure (3.5 MB)

The complete Vision Plan (Large file…  92 MB!! )

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