Friends Meeting Agenda: March 26, 2013


TUESDAY March 26, 2013 from 4:30-6:30




The meeting will take place on the 2nd floor of Patagonia’s Firehouse building, in the Grand Room.

The Firehouse is the tall building closest to Main St, address: 280 W. Main St. Enter Patagonia’s campus from Main St. and park anywhere in our lots (the lot at the corner of Main and Olive is most likely to have space available — all parking lots will remain unlocked until after this meeting is over). Enter the Firehouse on the south side of the building (furthest from Main St.)- we will have someone at the door directing you upstairs.

For Late Arrivals:

There will be someone at the door until 4:45pm, if you arrive after that call one of these cell numbers to be let in.  (If you think you will may be late, bring phone & call Kathy Bremer: 805 901-6415 & she can run down and let you in.)


Sign in sheet / Brief round table introductions

New Business:
Community Dev. Director, Jeff Lambert, who recently attended briefing on LA River will share some ideas that might translate to the Ventura River (Below are two sites of interest)
NPS-RTCA work group progress on new fold-out Parkway Trail Guide (Patrick Johnston, Cynthia Hartley, Paul and members of the FOVR NPS-RTCA work group have done some great work.)

  • Show map
  • Talk about printing time line

Discuss Planning June Picnic at River (possible event for Parkway Trail Guide Roll-out ?)
Plan FOVR Summerfest booth on June 1, 2013
Report on Ventura Backyard Collective / Conservation Alliance scheduled for Thursday, March 21st from 12:00 – 1:00 PM located in the Patagonia parking lot.
Announce upcoming River Clean-up Events

Be aware of 2013 Water Resources Report draft — due back to Ventura City Council in May

Paraphrased from Vta City Council staff report 3-4-13 Agenda Item 3:

In Nov 2012 LAFCO mandated Municipal Service Review (MSR) to determine if currently approved and proposed development in the City’s sphere is outpacing projected water supply. Staff prepared 2013 Comprehensive Water Resources Report draft & presented it to Council Mar 4 w/ final to return in May. “The date reveals that prudent planning and collaboration will be needed in the coming years to develop practical strategies to manage demand, balance economic growth, and pursue new water supplies.”

Other business or announcements

Next meeting date May 28, 2013

Adjournment no later than 6:45 Thank you everyone for staying involved!

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