This document library contains a historical record of information related to the Ventura River watershed, including newspaper articles, policy statements, minutes and other data. The issues facing the Ventura River watershed have deep historical roots. Moreover, the issues often re-present themselves in the face of development and competing interests.

The documents in this library are organized by category. Also found here, the Friends Archive contains documents dating back several decades. The Friends Archive is an ongoing effort to scan and make available online documents that have been stored away in paper format. The library’s documents are also tagged with keywords to aid search results.

Other documents now available on the Santa Barbara Channelkeeper website include the Al Leydecker archives of his 20-plus years of research on the Ventura River & Goleta streams.

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2008 Progress Report for the Robles Diversion Fish Passage Facility
date: 2008
filetype: pdf
filesize: 0.3 MB
publication/publisher: Casitas Municipal Water District
Factors Influencing Survival of Juvenile Steelhead in the Ventura River
date: 1980
filetype: PDF
filesize: 6.3 MB
publication/publisher: Humbolt State University Masters Thesis
Grandparent Analysis identifies Multiple Gene Flow Sources - Wild Salmon
date: 2011
filetype: pdf
filesize: 0.29 MB
publication/publisher: Molecular Ecology
Henry Sparks Biographical Sketch
date: 1972
filetype: PDF
filesize: 0.1 MB
Steelhead Population Assessment Ventura River & Matilija Creek Basin 2008 Draft Summary Report
date: 2009
filetype: pdf
filesize: 0.6 MB
publication/publisher: Thomas R. Payne & Associates
Steelhead Population Assessment Ventura River & Matilija Creek Basin 2008 Final Summary Report
date: July 2009
filetype: pdf
filesize: 0.97 MB
publication/publisher: Thomas R. Payne & Associates
Twin Trout Law - April 10, 1910
date: 1910
filetype: PDF
filesize: 0.02 MB
publication/publisher: Los Angeles Herald
Ventura River Recreational Area and Fishery, Preliminary Report and Proposal
date: 1973
filetype: PDF
filesize: 3.8 MB
publication/publisher: Ventura County Fish and Game Commission
Ventura River Watershed Technical Investigation (VRWTI) Steelhead Recovery Report Appendix C Steelhead Life History
date: 2003
filetype: pdf
filesize: 0.1 MB
publication/publisher: California Department of Fish & Game
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